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The various Armor in Necropolis. Armor can be found in black chests, golden chests, or bought from Devar in the Walls. As you travel deeper into the Necropolis you'll find higher tier armor. Dyes affect the pattern on each set of armor making them unique.

List Of Elements[]

























List Of Blackguard Armor Sets[]

Tier 1[]

Image Armor Name Tier Price Description Heft Weight Passive Traits
GlassRobes.png Blackguard Robes 1 500 The garb of the elite Blackguard. Lightweight, but it does have its weak points; as it turns out, fabric doesn't seal out Acid very well. Light Armor+1, Speed.png Acid Weakness
GlassMarksmanIcon.png Marksman Armor 1 650 The Blackguards of Eastern Lhosk favor archery over swordfighting. This enchanted armor helps them to knock down enemies before they get close. Light Armor+1, Sharpshooter (See Ogralem's Crossbow Training Codex)
GlassStealthIcon.png Stealth Armor 1 800 Blackguards who prove to be nimble enough don this, the lightest and most flexible of all armor sets. Go faster, jump higher, die... sooner? Ultralight Speed.png Jump.png Reduced Stamina Sprint

Tier 2[]

Image Armor Name Tier Price Description Heft Weight Passive Traits
GlassPlateIcon.png Plate Armor 2 875 When you need to punch harder, just twist the hips and put the weight of this armor behind your swing! Send those enemies flying! But, uh... don't try to jump. Ultraheavy Armor +2, Jump.png Heft.png Increased Stamina Jump
GlassRamIcon.png Ram's Head Armor 2 1200 The Blackguards of the West mimic the fighting style of the local wildlife: they fight face-first. This horned armor helps them to do it. Medium Armor +2
Robes of the Infernal Lich icon.png Robes of the Infernal Lich 2 1700 The Infernal Lich, Tagomon was a decrepit and feeble monster, though feasting on your enemy's life force can keep you going for a while. Don her robes and see. Medium Vampiric, Attack Bonus +1
HunterGlassIcon.png Swamp Hunter Armor 2 1800 The Hunters of Gumail don the bones and viscera of their prey. This both confuses their enemies and protects against Acid and Poison. Smells bad, though. Medium Armor+2, Speed.png Acid Resist.png Poison Rate-20

Tier 3[]

Image Armor Name Tier Price Description Heft Weight Passive Traits
GlassDemonicIcon.png Demonic Armor 3 1600 That which is born of and forged in Hell's Fire is immune to it. Or, you know, slightly less hurt by it. Medium Armor+3 Fire Resist.png
GlassForestIcon.png Forest Sentry Armor 3 1750 Used by the Forest Sentries of the Last Towns, who face the bitter cold of winter on a daily basis. They hit hard and scoff at Ice attacks. Medium Armor+3, Heft.png Ice Resist.png
GlassNomadIcon.png Desert Nomad's Armor 3 2000 Worn by the Blackguards of the South. Provides great defense against the heat of the Agar wastes. Also quite flammable, so it's less great against actual Fire. Light Armor+3, Speed.png Fire Weakness
Survivor's suit icon.png Survivor's Suit 3 2100 When facing the harsh elements of Tur-Dun, miners wore these suits. Hardly an armor, but the suit can heal wounds and soothe the exhaustion of its wearer. Medium Health Regeneration, Stamina Regeneration

Tier 4[]

WarGlassIcon.png War Captain's Armor 4 2200 Skav the War Captain once took on an entire army by himself. He died standing on his own two feet. With his (unbearably heavy) armor, you can do the same! Medium Armor+4, Exhaustion Degeneration, Immovable.png
NinthGlassIcon.png Armor of the Ninth Secret 4 2400 The Ninth Secret is the Secret of Longevity. Whoever the armor adorns shall feel the constant healing hands of the Ancients. It's a gentle touch. Medium Armor+3, Health Regeneration
GlassVeilIcon.png Armor of the Veil 4 2750 Those who peer beyond the Veil, even momentarily, gain an immutable quickness. It's a nice side effect to soaking up all that radiation. Medium Armor+4, Speed.png Bash Resist.png

List Of Brute Armor Sets[]

Tier 1[]

Image Armor Name Tier Price Description Heft Weight Passive Traits
Khopeshi battledress icon.png Kopeshi Battledress 1 800 Each child in Kopesh is given a set of armor at the age of 10. They are expected to kill someone of their size whenever they grow out of it. Light Armor+1
Sterling plate icon.png Sterling Plate 1 1100 A brute, in sterling plate? Unstoppable force, meet your immovable object. Just don't expect the brute to move very easily, even when it wants to. Light Armor+1, Poise.png Immovable.png Increased Stamina Attack

Tier 2[]

Image Armor Name Tier Price Description Heft Weight Passive Traits
Tenth-secret-head.png Armor of the Tenth Secret 2 1400 Turns out the Ninth Secret was actually the Third. That knowledge is the Tenth secret. Heavy Armor+2, Arcane Resist.png
Tanned-hides-head.png Tanned Hides 2 2250 Crossing the infamous Fal-Cag range means exposure to all the worst elements. With these hides Fire, Ice, even Magic, just don't hurt nearly as much. Heavy Armor+1, Arcane Resist.png Fire Resist.png Ice Resist.png Acid Resist.png Grine Resist.png

Tier 3[]

Image Armor Name Tier Price Description Heft Weight Passive Traits
Raider's guard icon.png Raider's Garb 3 2250 Midian Raiders take everything and want for nothing. Heck even this armor is stolen. Hit harder, but expect everyone to take notice. Heavy Armor+2, Aggravating, Attack Bonus+1
Hoplite armor icon.png Hoplite's Armor 3 1600 For use in Mandesh giant hunts. They would use the weight of this armor to their advantage, lean into their strikes and knock those monsters down. Light Armor+3, Heft.png

Tier 4[]

Image Armor Name Tier Price Description Heft Weight Passive Traits
Vale of the night icon.png Vale of Night 4 2500 Vale Knights are drilled and trained hours a day, to prepare for service of their City. Their armor is light to allow for such exertion. Light Armor+4, Reduced Stamina Sprint, Reduced Stamina Attack
Armor of the destroyer icon.png Armor of the Destroyer 4 2250 Popularized by Bill the Destroyer, a gladiator of immense power. He cut through shields like paper. The armor's light construction allows for speedy recovery. Heavy Armor+4, Unblockable, Double Stamina Regeneration

List Of Unobtainable Armor Sets[]

Icon Armor Name Tier Price Description Heft Weight Passive Traits
50 Assasin Armor 2 0 Assasin Armor Medium Armor+1, Attack Bonus+1
50 Centurion's Armor 3 1600 Over long campaigns, even the finest heraldy can tatter and dirty. The way the Mandesh fight, that ends up being about 4 days. Light Armor+3, Heft.png
50 Nurph Base 1 700 Nurph Base Ultralight Attack Bonus-10, Armor+50, Exhaustion Rate-10,
50 Nurph Ninja 1 700 Nurph Ninja Ultralight Attack Bonus-10, Armor+50, Exhaustion Rate-10,
50 Nurph Ram Armor 2 2000 Nurph Ram Armor Ultralight Attack Bonus-10, Armor+50, Exhaustion Rate-10,
50 Nurph Nomad 3 9000 Nurph Nomad Ultralight Attack Bonus-10, Armor+50, Exhaustion Rate-10,