Necropolis Wiki

The various interactable NPCs found within the game.

List Of Characters

Image Name Type Description
Characters TheChemist.png The Chemist Vendor Can be found in a chest at random points of dungeon. Sells Consumables, such potions, and recipes.

Often the Chemist's clucking can be heard before he's seen. Sometimes he will also peek out of the chest to see if the coast is clear.

Devar in the Wall.png Devar in the Wall Vendor Can be located throughout the dungeons in a steaming vent with occasional sparks, accompanied by whistling. Sells Armor, Weapons of assorted types, and Shields.
Characters Theoldman.png The Old Man Vendor Located at the end of each floor and at the beginning area of a new game.

Sells Dyes, various tier rations, Scrolls of Identification, low tier weapons, and Potions of Vigor. The old man can be found either next to the elevator, in the bottom or top floor of the library, or upstairs above the elevator room.

Brazen head ingame.png The Brazen Head Narrator/Guide Found at the beginning of every level. A magical intelligence created by the archmage Abraxis. Part butler, part taskmaster and part tormentor, the Brazen Head mocks, goads and pushes adventurers deeper and deeper into Abraxis' domain, deep into the Necropolis.