Necropolis Wiki

Complete Tasks to obtain Tokens which can be exchanged for Codexes with powerful passive effects. Codexes can be freely swapped at a Scriptorium and are not lost on death. Only one can be equipped at a time.

List of Codexes[]

Icon Codex Name Tier Cost Description Effect
Codex Purple.png Eating is Overrated 1 3Icon Tokens.png Man, I ain't hungry, I already ate three weeks ago. Halves the depletion of max stamina from attacking. ("Ascetic" trait)
Codex LimeGreen.png Combat Got You Down? Regenercise. 1 5Icon Tokens.png Centering oneself without looking like a total dip is kind of difficult, and for God's sake, don't get your nose pierced. Doubles stamina regeneration.
Codex Plum.png The Burly Ogre's Guide to No Fall Down 2 6Icon Tokens.png KAMAF FACE ENEMY HEAD ON. KAMAF STAY STANDING TALL AGAINST ANY* BLOW. *NOT GUARANTEED Increases poise.
Codex Green.png The Burly Ogre's Guide to Smashing Stuff 2 7Icon Tokens.png KAMAF HIT GOOD. THING GO DOWN. YOU HIT GOOD. THING GO DOWN. GOOD. Heft bonus +1.
Codex Black.png Keeping Your Blood on the Inside (And Other Tips) 4 12Icon Tokens.png That red stuff is important, and it will keep you going. If you focus on it, you can slowly recover from any wound. (Except the fatal ones.) Regenerate health at a rate of 1% every 15 seconds.
Codex Red.png Berzerking: Get That Party Started 1 5Icon Tokens.png Getting someone to see red is dangerous. They keep swinging until they can't. Thing is when they do that, it's easier to hit back. Increased attack, decreased defense, "Aggravating" trait.
Codex LightBrown.png Rotten Is Just Another Word for Delicious 1 4Icon Tokens.png Throwing up is amateur hour. Eat it, and make it stay down. Show the food who's in charge. Completely prevents vomiting when consuming rotten food
Codex Purple.png Ogralem's Crossbow Training 1 5Icon Tokens.png There's this place. Different on every monster, but if you can hit that place, they totally fall over. Pretty useful. Crossbows have a chance to temporarily stun enemies (Needs testing)
Codex Pink.png Mr. Monk's Most Excellent Pamphlet on Avoiding Exhaustion 3 10Icon Tokens.png Ever notice that sometimes your stamina just feels tapped out? Mr. Monk can help. Just remember, there are no quick and easy solutions when it comes to complete inaction. Player exhaustion slowly decreases (max stamina slowly recharges)
Codex Gray.png Half the Fun of Falling Is Missing the Ground 1 5Icon Tokens.png In section one, we look at the fall. Where are you falling (an abyss, a fiery chasm, into some beast)? In this, you find the key. Fall damage reduced by 50%.
Codex Green.png 50? 40 Is a Lot of Money. What Do You Need 30 For? 2 7Icon Tokens.png You don't want to part with it and I don't want to pay for it. Let's meet in the middle. Shop prices reduced by 30%.
Codex Black.png You Can't Hit What Isn't There 3 9Icon Tokens.png Jumping is easy, just push off the ground. Dodging is just a little scamper in one direction. It'll take way less effort if you follow my easy five step agility training plan. Halves the stamina cost of sprinting, jumping, and dodging.
Codex Gold.png The Shield Goes in Front of You 1 4Icon Tokens.png If you hold it up in the right spot, you can absorb an amazing amount of force. With this technique, you can stop letting those blows tire you out so much. Halves the stamina cost of blocking.
Codex Purple.png The "I Never Thought I'd Finish" Guide to Recipes 1 3Icon Tokens.png You're wondering what the scribbles on that foldy brown thing mean? Or what the potion with the gross chunks in it does? Here's the scoop. Identifies all potions and scrolls in the player's inventory.
Codex Pink.png Carpe Per Diem 4 12Icon Tokens.png The feel of a gem in the pocket is second only to the feel of two gems in the pocket. Doubles the value of gems picked up by the player. Teammates receive 15% of the doubled gem value. Gems gained through team share do not double if the teammate also has this codex equipped.
Codex Plum.png Vampirism Is Your Friend 4 17Icon Tokens.png Drink your way to a "healthier" you. Blood is the answer you are looking for! Player heals for 5% of damage dealt.
Codex Green.png Unlock Your Inner Power Potential 4 14Icon Tokens.png Once you know the secret to power attacks, you'll be able to bust them out all day without feeling a thing. Show-off. Halves the exhaustion of power attacks.
Codex White.png The Key to a Good Defense, Is a Good Defense (Stupid) 3 10Icon Tokens.png Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart, planted on the ground. And slightly bend the knees. There, now you won't get knocked down. Knockdown immunity. ("Immovable" trait)
Codex Black.png That's Not so Far 3 10Icon Tokens.png I can totally make that jump.Totally. Now you can too! Jump modifier +100.
Codex Black.png Gud's Necropolis Cookbook 2 6Icon Tokens.png You beat it, you eat it. A survivor's guide to cooking and crafting in the Necropolis. Grants all 18 potion recipes while equipped.
Codex Gold.png Trap Standards and Blueprints 2 6Icon Tokens.png The 309 trapmasters local tips for safe and non-dismembering service. Stop worrying about traps or their triggers, if you can remember these guidelines. Disarms traps near you.