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Consumable items come in five varieties: Potions, which apply buffs or debuffs to the character; Food, which restores health and reduces exhaustion; Bombs of various damage types; Scrolls, which either cast powerful spells or inflict harrowing debuffs to the player when read; and Miscellaneous Items, which do not fall into any of the previous categories. Except for Scrolls, all Consumables are able to be crafted from Components.

List of Consumables[]


Icon Food Name Tier Cost Materials to craft Description Effect
Icon RottenFood.png Rotten Food 1 20 Fungus, Torn Flesh Food in the most general sense. Restores a small amount of health and has a chance to either remove exhaustion or cause the player to vomit, exhausting them further.

(health rate +8 for 2 seconds)

Standard Ration.png Standard Ration 2 40 Torn Flesh, Torn Flesh, Essential Oil Adventurers carefully pack these, so they might rot on their corpse sometime later. Restores a small amount of health, removes a small amount of exhaustion.

(health rate +10 for 2 seconds)

NecroT3Food.png Iron Ration 3 65 Torn Flesh, Torn Flesh, Ichor, Essential Oil Adventurers carefully pack these, so they DO NOT rot on their corpse sometime later. Restores a medium amount of health, removes a medium amount of exhaustion.

(health rate +20 for 2 seconds)

NecroT4Food.png Arcane Food 4 90 Arcane Dust, Arcane Dust, Torn Flesh, Crystal Wasn't there a story about a golden apple? I am certain it all came out alright. Restores a medium amount of health, removes a high amount of exhaustion.

(health rate +20 for 2 seconds)


  • Note: Potion colors and unidentified descriptions will be randomly selected at the start of a new game.
Icon Potion Name Tier Cost Materials to craft Description Effect
PotionT1Death.png Felaxitus' Deathsauce 1 1 - Well, bad news. This is just straight up, no bells and whistles, poison. Sorry. Causes the player to vomit, gaining some exhaustion.
PotionT1Seizure.png Balfanor's Seizure Smoothie 1 1 - There's nothing like a rest. Especially when it means that your limbs seize up, paralyzing you as monsters eat you alive. Prevents the player from moving or taking any action for 10 seconds.

(Speed - 1000)

PotionT1Delirium.png Cursed Essence of Delirium 1 1 - This will give you a whole new perspective on life, just not one you'd probably want. Reverses movement and camera controls.
PotionT1Eye.png Polimac's Pin Eye Curse 1 1 - Once you saw things. Now you don't. Reduces vision to a small circle around the center of the screen.
PotionT1Moron.png Agdal's Mystical Moronification 1 1 - Slow and stupid is no way to go through life. It just keeps on giving. Slows down the player by about half.


PotionT1Vigor.png Potion of Vigor 1 40 Torn Flesh, Arcane Dust, Ichor, Essential Oil Restores what is lost due to blade and bone (consult your healer to hear more information about the Potion of Vigor). Restores a medium amount of health, removes a small amount of exhaustion.
PotionT1Boring.png Teralt's Liquid of Boringness 1 70 Spore, Spore, Arcane Dust, Fungus Turns the imbiber into a non-threat, through magical and wholly proprietary means. Invisibility for 10 seconds.
PotionT1Energetic.png Musun's Energetic Strike 1 65 Clockwork Gears, Torn Flesh, Torn Flesh, Blasting Powder An elixir which focuses the force of the power attack into a bigger power...attack? Power attack explosion.
PotionT2Lapis.png Lapis Primus 2 100 Bone Matter, Scales, Torn Flesh, Essential Oil, Arcane Dust A restorative goop that boosts the vim and vigor of any living thing. Ask for Lapis Primus by name! Rapidly heals and removes exhaustion.

(Health rate +100, Exhaustion rate -100 for 20 seconds)

PotionT2Endurance.png Eliphoph's Mystical Boon 2 75 Arcane Dust, Torn Flesh, Crystal, Ichor, Essential Oil Just one swig, and you'll experience a feeling of health and resilience that really lasts! Safe when taken as directed. Slowly regenerate health over time.

(Health rate +10 for 20 seconds)

PotionT2Lizard.png Essence of Lizard Countenance 2 100 Crystal, Crystal, Spore, Essential Oil, Essential Oil Ever wish you could regain lost health like a lizard? Well, now you can with only minor side-effects! Slowly regenerate health over time.

(Health rate +5 for 20 seconds)

PotionT2Peace.png Elixir of Infernal Peace 2 80 Bone Matter, Metal, Fungus, Essential Oil This potion produces an ill-smell that prevents monsters from attacking, as well as unsightly blemishes. Enemies will flee from the player for 20 seconds.
PotionT2Stone.png Stone Skin Elixir 2 80 Scales, Bone Matter, Metal Reinforces the skin of the imbiber, making them resistant to attack. Also, immune to pinching. Increases max health and poise at the cost of speed and jump height.

(Armor +2, Speed -10, Jump modifier -10, Sprint modifier -15, Poise)

PotionT2Unseen.png Pass Unseen Elixir 2 100 Arcane Dust, Crystal, Blasting Powder, Spore Causes the imbiber to vanish from sight for a short time (thirty seconds or two and a half years, I forget). Invisibility for 20 seconds.
Tonk's.png Doonk's Zip Sauce 2 - Metal, Fungus, Essential Oil, Ancient Bones A few drams of the 'Zip' will get you moving quick. Charge up those power swings in half the time! Careful not to tire yourself out quickly. Quick for 10 seconds (Needs testing)
PotionT3Strength.png Potion of Big Boy Strength 3 100 Scales, Metal, Metal, Ichor Remember all those monsters that used to pick on you? Well, it is payback time. Increases damage and knock-back for 20 seconds.

(Attack bonus +3, Heft bonus +3)

PotionT3Panacea.png Pulko's Restorative Panacea 3 90 Ichor, Torn Flesh, Arcane Dust Removes exhaustion, restores stamina. Tastes...bad. Two out of three... Removes exhaustion and prevents exhaustion gain for 20 seconds.
PotionT3Ether.png Ether Juice 3 150 Shadowborn Skin, Clockwork Eye, Blasting Powder Ether Juice is one of the few known cures for not being run through with swords. Prevents the player from dealing or receiving damage for 20 seconds.


PotionT3Iron.png Jingham's Potion of the Iron Foot 3 150 Bone Matter, Metal, Clockwork Gears, Ichor With this concoction, getting knocked down is a thing of the past. Makes the player knockdown-immune, but unable to jump or sprint.

(Immovable, Jump modifier -1000, Sprint modifier -1000)

PotionT3Steel.png Delidun's Elixir of Steel 3 175 Bone Matter, Metal, Metal, Ancient Bones A wondrous chemical that turns skin to steel (in a good way). Grants increased max health, knockdown immunity, but prevents the player from jumping & sprinting.

(Armor +4, Speed -15,  Jump modifier -20, Sprint modifier -20, Immovable)

PotionT4Spring.png Morten's Springheel Elixir 4 200 Ancient Bones, Torn Flesh, Shadowborn Skin Jump four times as high and twice as far (now available in cherry flavor). Jump four times as high.

(Jump modifier +150)

PotionT4Restoration.png Bolut's Mystical Restoration 4 800 Clockwork Gears, Clockwork Eye, Spore, Crystal One swig and you can shake off death, once. Automatically revives the player on death.

note: The potion's effect does not stack, but you can use another after being revived.

PotionT4Fleet.png Morten's Fleet Foot 4 175 Ancient Bones, Ancient Bones, Essential Oil Tastes like swill, but makes you run like the wind (remember to stretch first). Greatly increases movement speed.

(Speed +50)

PotionT4Protection.png Xu's Perfect Protection 4 200 Clockwork Gears, Shadowborn Skin, Scales When used, nothing can harm the imbiber (does not work on personal insults). Provides immunity to damage.


Tonk's.png Tonk's Everlasting* Energy 2 200 Essential Oil, Arcane Dust, Ichor, Ichor, Bone Matter Just a sip and you'll keep going long after you expect to stop. An endless supply of Stamina! *Note: Product is not actually Everlasting Fortifies Stamina for 15 seconds.


Icon Bomb Name Tier Cost Materials to craft Description Effect
BombT1.png Dragon Belly Flask 1 100 Blasting Powder, Blasting Powder, Metal, Crystal Firebile from Belgorath the Cruel. (contents under pressure, do not expose to open flame) Creates an explosion of fire damage on impact.
BombT2.png Blizzard In A Bottle 2 125 Blasting Powder, Blasting Powder, Essential Oil, Ancient Bones Belch of a Frost Giant. (sourced from all natural, organic, free-range frost giants) Creates an explosion of ice damage on impact.
BombT3.png Hexing Blast Phial 3 125 Blasting Powder, Blasting Powder, Metal, Arcane Dust The bottled-up angst of a teenage Lich. Creates an explosion of arcane damage on impact.
BombT4.png Zeke's Fast Hatch Jar 4 150 Blasting Powder, Blasting Powder, Scales, Essential Oil, Spore Gemeater in a Jar! From the makers of Storm in a Teacup. Spawns a friendly Gemeater on impact.


Icon Scroll Name Tier Cost Description Effect
Scroll T0.png Scroll of Identification 0 40 With six words, every unknown scroll and potion becomes apparent, and you remember your 3rd grade teacher's name. Identifies all scrolls and potions held by the player
Scroll T2.png Scroll of Boom 2 Let's say you wanted everyone in a 20-meter radius dead. All you need to say are these words. Damages enemies within a 20-meter radius with moderate knockback.
Scroll T2.png Scroll Resurrection 2 Healers of Sarkomand spent four centuries divining the process of returning the dying to life. With this scroll, you can do it in seconds. Heals to full health (Needs Testing)
Scroll T2.png Scroll of the Three Words 2 125 Say these three words to infuriate any enemy to barfight level, then get out of the way! Aggravates all enemies within 10 meters for 25 seconds, increasing their attack and causing them to fight each other as well as the player

(Grants monsters the Aggravating trait and Attackbonus+1)

Scroll T2.png Scroll of Command 2 200 Ever want to say a word and cause all enemies to freeze in place? No? Well... Ok. Fine. Completely freezes all enemies within 20 meters for 20 seconds


Scroll T2.png Scroll of Buddy Buddy 2 275 Make friends and influence monsters. This place is far easier with some supernatural assitance. Charms all enemies within 20 meters for 20 seconds (Needs testing)
Scroll T3.png Scroll of Screaming 3 250 A magical recitation which causes enemies to recoil, whereupon they may Stuns all enemies within 40 meters for 20 seconds (Needs testing)
Scroll T4.png Scroll of the Vampire 4 250 Once included a matching cloak, but shipping was far too expensive. Oh yeah, drains enemies of health and restores your vigor. The players' attacks will restore their health by 5% of damage dealt for 20 seconds

(Vampiric trait)

Scroll T4.png Scroll of Voorish Sign 4 300 This one word (which sounds like BOORISH) causes enemies to be drained of essence, speed, and personal hygeine. Slows and drains the health of all enemies within 20 meters for 10 seconds

(Health rate-3, Speed-75)

Miscellaneous Items[]

Icon Food Name Tier Cost Materials to craft Description Effect
Icon Adventurer's Chalk.png Chalk Crystal, Arcane Dust You may not know where you're going, but you'll know where you've been. Marks the ground with a glowing "X" where the Adventurer stands (if a second mark is made in close proximity to the first then the original will be erase).
Amulet of Siuol.png Amulet of Siuol 500 There is only one Amulet of Siuol. It says so on every copy. It hums with power, whistles even, but very off key. (No Effect)


Potions and Scrolls will be unidentified when first found unless the player possesses the recipe to craft them, and will remain unidentified until the player either learns the recipe, or uses a Scroll of Identification. Potions appear as "An Unknown Potion," and scrolls appear as "That Sure Is A Magic Scroll." The tier of the potion or scroll will still be displayed.

If two buff potions are consumed in quick succession, the player will vomit, losing both effects.

At the start of each new game potion colors will be chosen at random.