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"Equipment" encompass all weapons, armors, and shields. All equipment is separated into "tiers" which represent the quality of the equipment. Tiers range from 0 to 4, with 0 being the worst and 4 being the best. Some more valuable equipment may also have the ability to bolster an Adventurer's stats with Traits when equipped. To find more detailed information on a certain item, follow the link that corresponds to its category, and locate it in the tables within. Following a link to that item's page will yield an info-box (sampled on the right) containing all in-game effects of the item, and more detailed information throughout the page.

Icon longsword tier 1.png Weapons[]

Example Weapon
Weapon PariahBlade.png
Very sampley, probably isn't even real
Weapon Class Shortsword
Tier 0
Moveset Shortsword
Price 0 Gems
Heft Type Ultralight

Arguably the most important part of an Adventurer's equipment, weapons serve as the main method of dealing damage to monsters. Primary weapons occupy the two right-handed inventory slots, with Adventurers being able to carry two at a time. Weapons can drop from Monsters, be looted from Chests, and bought with Gems from merchant Characters.

Icon Armor Tier 1.png Armor[]

Armor serves to protect an Adventurer from enemy attacks, increasing their damage resistance and gifting additional HP, or offering special Traits in exchange for the prior properties. Armor occupies its own inventory slot, and only one set can be worn and carried at a time. Armor can be found in Chests or bought from Devar in the Wall.

Icon shield tier 1.png Shields[]

Shields protect Adventurers by negating damage altogether from enemy attacks in exchange for fatigue consumption and stamina cost. Secondary ranged weapons found in the weapons page can be swapped out for a shield, as both items occupy the same inventory space. It should be noted that since Adventurers are able to carry two items in the left-hand inventory slot, it is fully possible and recommended to exchange one of the left-hand items for a ranged weapon, instead of carrying two shields. Shields and secondary ranged weapons can drop from Monsters, be looted from Chests, and purchased from Devar in the Wall.