Legendary Thirteen

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The Legendary Thirteen were chosen by Abraxis to continue his mission of peace and understanding throughout Zothique. One of their feats includes the defeat of the Hanged Lord of the East, who arose at the same time of Abraxis' final withdrawl from the world. According to the Brazen Head, "The Legendary Thirteen failed here," referring to the Necropolis. It is unknown why the Legendary Thirteen would have entered the shape-shifting labyrinth and subsequently perished. It could be speculated that they were looking to retrieve Abraxis from his hermitage. While making their way into the depths of the Necropolis, they were betrayed by Serl the Clever, who allied with the Brazen Head.

Members of the Legendary Thirteen[edit | edit source]

Agramon the All Seeing:

Bols the Unstoppable:

Ega San Dado:

Fen the Dancer:

Hotem the Ordered:

Ip the Mover:

Isla of the Desert:

Kasha of the Blood:

Nas-Galtur the Just:

Poldosk the Resilient:

Serl the Clever: Said to have been the last to join the Thirteen, and ultimately betrayed the other twelve to the Brazen Head.

Turawat the Shadow:

Zura The Mist: