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Writing on the Walls[]

Writing seen on the walls of the Necropolis, telling various tales and histories of Abraxis, Zothique, and the Necropolis itself. The writing comes in two forms; a more distinctly elegant embossed text (Lore), and the hastily done, messy scrawls of past adventurers (Graffiti). These latter carvings offer insight into the lore as well as tips, but more often than not serve as comedic relief, and can even rhyme. The Lore alphabet corresponds to the English alphabet each letter of Lore is another letter in English, so by matching up Lore letters with English it becomes quite easy to translate Lore.


An example of Lore writing.

Number Writing
1 Abraxis appointed the Legendary Thirteen to bring justice and peace to Zothique. Delegation is a sign of a gifted leader.
2 Wise Agramon the All Seeing studied the stars for their signs, often bumped into things as he looked to the sky.
3 Bols the Unstoppable loved to laugh and drink.
4 Pale Ega San Dado knew much of lore,

yet he was always afraid of a little gore.

5 Fen the Dancer was a graceful terror, only once was her step ever set in error.
6 Hotem the Ordered, was stern, fastidious, and reserved. The mess he made as he died really got on his nerves.
7 Ip the Mover, beloved of the Spirits of the other side,

in his hour of need they did not help, but greeted him when he died.

8 Isla of the Desert, a mad hermit from the Southern climes,

wandered everywhere in a cloud of dust and grime.

9 Kasha of the Blood, the savage sovereign,

when a suitor offered his hand she took it, but put the rest of him in a coffin.

10 Nas-Galtur the Just traveled the world righting wrongs, yet none of those wrongs stayed right very long.
11 Poldosk the Resilient, gifted in the healing arts.

Only so much you can do when hit with a hundred poison darts.

12 Serl the Clever infiltrated a hundred courts in the name of Abraxis.

No other spy was ever so practiced.

13 Turawat the Shadow, the hidden blade,

in all of Zothique there was no more dangerous maid.

14 Zura The Mist who trusted in her illusions, when those failed she succumbed to confusions.
15 First was the Age of the Unspoken Word, when the gods mistakenly thought they had been created by mortals.
16 Second was the Age of Endless Wars, also known as the "Good Times' among weapon-smiths
17 Third was the Age of the Fertile Tree. Not much happened during that time. Boring.
18 Fourth was the Age of the Splintered Realm. The Demon Emperor had anyone who could not pronounce his name killed.
19 Fifth was the Age of the Onyx Throne, dated from when our magnificent hero, Abraxis, began his quest to rid the world of darkness.
20 This is the Age of the Haunted Winds, a time of shadow, much that was known is now lost,

and so on, and so on, and so on.

21 All in Berelaine live under the watchful eye of the Tower of Inculcation, "Minding One's Own Business" is not a spell studied there.",
22 In Berelaine all know at least a minor cantrip, though the spell "Cleaning Dishes in the Sink" is hardly helpful when Midian raiders attack.",
23 The Arcanists of Berelaine like to boast that they dispersed the Thousand Year Storm. They neglect to mention that they also caused it.
24 The Chieftains of Midian have forbidden magic. Something about some magical fortress devastating the land or something.
25 The Hold of Polybius lies on the edge of the Ash Desert, the last outpost before the Necropolis. The gift shop sells wonderful replicas.
26 The people of Baphis believe the universe is a finely tuned machine in need of constant balance. "Balance" is a euphemism for bloodshed.
27 The Mask Wearers of Yhtill are a deadly order. Heed the words of their Archon, "Mmmmpph, mm mmmmph mph mmmph!"
28 The famous frescoes of Yhtill are full of people taking wanton pleasure, pilgrims travel from all over world just to be offended.
29 "May the Wells of Darat always flow. May the Walls of Darat always hold."
30 Abraxis was Khopeshi, but was of the Mandesh and not the Fain. The caste system was not known for its opportunities for upward mobility.
31 Mandesh pupils study a wide variety subjects including edged weapons, bigger edged weapons, blunt weapons, blunt weapons with edges
32 As a child Abraxis devised an escape from the Mandesh barracks of Irem during a particularly brutal pillow fight.
33 In the ages since, the Fain have claimed descent from the mighty Abraxis, what's a little hypocrisy between pretend family members?
34 On the road to Oonai Abraxis rescued Slyn, the Goddess of Knowledge and Sarcastic Retorts, who said in thanks, "You're a mortal? Oh, yay."
35 In Oonai Slyn showed Abraxis how to steal the Tome of the First Secret, telling him, "Oh, I am sure you will put this to good use."
36 In Midian Abraxis withdrew to begin his studies, using the arcane technique of kuh-ra-ming and eating only the broth called rah-min.
37 Armed with the first three Arcane Mysteries Abraxis set out to bring peace, understanding, and hot new music to Zothique.
38 Abraxis in those days had foreseen that the world had need of him and so he ended his hermitage. Good timing is a sign of a gifted hero.
39 When Ulixsteracktus the demon befouled the mortal plane it really messed with the property values of the adjacent planes.
40 And so the world of Zothique fell under the shadow of Ulixsteracktus. Not a metaphorical shadow, mind you. The guy was big.
41 There are no songs written about the wars between Abraxis and the demon Ulixsteracktus. Ever tried to rhyme Ulixsteracktus?
42 In the Age of the Splintered Realm, Abraxis and Ulixsteracktus met in battle on the Cliffs of Red Despair. Names were so good back then.
43 The enemies of the Archmage Abraxis have all had one thing in common: a penchant for spontaneous combustion.
44 After his final battle with Ulixsteracktus, some part of Abraxis died. Of course all the parts of Ulixsteracktus died. So, victory!
45 So ended the Age of the Splintered Realm and the Age of the Onyx Throne, called the Age of Abraxis or simply "Mage Age!"
46 When Abraxis felled Se, the First Lich King of Iz,he raised up a simple peasant to rule. That guy lasted a week, then -boom- new Lich King.
47 When Abraxis ended Alz, the Second Lich King of Iz, he burnt his body, ground it to dust, and scattered the dust. Precautionary measures.
48 When Abraxis confronted Kelzt, the Third Lich King of Iz, the undead ruler abdicated his throne peacefully and moved to a small cottage.
49 When Abraxis used guile to destroy Nul'dar, the Fourth Lich King of Iz, he learned the people of Iz had begged the Lich to rule. Weirdos.
50 When Abraxis called upon the very stars for aid in defeating Ka'j, the Fifth Lich King of Iz, he pondered, "What is wrong with you people?".
51 When Abraxis cast down Sulz Kem, the Sixth Lich King of Iz, he tried to establish a parliamentary democracy in the madman's place.
52 When Abraxis defeated Szut, the Seventh Lich King of Iz, in single combat he cried out to the heavens, "That's it. I'm done.",
53 When Gravx the Demon Sultan attacked the City of Pillars, Abraxis, Lord of All Mirrors, was like, "Oh no he didn't."
54 Only then did Abraxis discover that Gravx was secretly possessed by the spirit of his ancient enemy, Ulixsteracktus. Oooh, plot twist!
55 Some believe that Ulixsteracktus's spirit survived and slithered through the world like an oily serpent. That would be pretty creepy.
56 The Archmage Abraxis tore time asunder. In this gap he fixed the Necropolis, The Navel of the World,
57 The Necropolis was once the Navel of the World. We rebranded after the Archmage's accident.
58 The Navel of the World, a glorious museum, an unparalleled center of learning, an impregnable fortress.

Look but don't touch.

59 The penitent and the petitioners sought aid from Abraxis, the lines stretched for miles outside the Navel of the World.

Bunch of whiners.

60 After the defeat of Gravx and the anointing of the Legendary Thirteen Abraxis returned and shut himself away. Somebody was grummmmpy!
61 Abraxis became withdrawn, less concerned with the ways of the mortal world. That tends to happen around the 500th year of life.
Abraxis, Lord of Mirrors, once tore the veil between this world and the astral realms, but he apologized and offered to pay for it.
62 Little and less is known about the island nation of Thraa. One fun fact we do know: no ship that has sailed there has ever returned.
63 In the Keep of Zul Bhasir initiates study the Way of Endless Pain. Zul Bhasir’s recruitment efforts often fail to meet targets.
64 Khosh is the City in the Trees. "Vine-burn" is a serious problem there.
65 Baal, the Last Arcymul, stood upon the Wall of Bones with the Great Seal, and said, "Lo! Seriously, dude, what's your damage?",
66 On the face of the Deep, the Master wrote the words large, in adamite, orichalcum, and bisa, "Stop Touching My Stuff."
67 Ges held sway over a kingdom of blood, with his Sword of Pain, from the Cliche Throne. This is not his story. That fellow is quite dead.
68 The Archmage split the world to create a space to store the wonders of the age.
69 To the Abraxis Memorial Leisure Center and Pool Complex.
70 To the treasury.
71 Under construction.
72 Sorry! Remodelling.
73 Mind our mess.
74 Grine Infection (Expect Major Delays).
75 (We are putting in French Doors)
76 Future Site of Fleglem's Ale House.
79 Serve the Brazen Head and live forever.
80 Hear the tale of the Amulets of Power. Five were scattered to the corners of the Necropolis, stay tuned for this very special offer.
81 In a time where women were women, men were men, and rat-things with the ability of human speech were, well... You get the idea.
82 Four rings for the Thalen Kings under the stars, Eight for the Dvarl-lords in their halls of orange... Um. What the hell rimes with orange?
83 The only thing which could defeat Tyrael's Golden armour was his debt-to-income ratio.
84 Abraxis's magic is cheese bread.
85 I saw the wizard! Or, i'm hallucinating from lack of food.

Either way, big day!

86 Beware Midian, where the Ash Desert lies.

in its Necropolis adventurers die.

87 Note:Next time, send three adventurers.

(At least)

88 Look out for the Deathurge Arena. I've been there THRICE. FUN TIMES.
89 Blind Bestul led others here at the Brazen Head's bidding. Never trust someone who is just outside a magical deathtrap sitting.
90 With torch and dagger Iizeth ventured deep into the temple's bowels,

but even on the first level you could here his howls.

91 Walk softly, and carry a demonic-vorpal weapon made of soul-steel with a free-bleed enchantment.
92 Codexes grant miraculous powers, but smell like feet.
93 After escaping the streets Belim the Spider had a bitter and black heart,

Don't believe me? You can see it right there, next to that jar.

94 Ioter the Arcainist pricked up his courage, and sought the Necropolis in pilgrimage.
There is an exit in the Sea of Bones. A raving madman told me so.
Has anyone seen the elevator?
Vakim of the Hundred Doors could handle ten Grine at once. There were eleven of them.
Once you understand the first three Arcane Mysteries the other twelve-thousand, four hundred and twenty-nine are easy!
When Torphis the Wall was swallowed whole by a dread beast I thought his magic shield was lost.

Yet it emerged unscathed a few days later!

Let the last words of Zeluk the Swift be known. She stood proudly on the precipice and said, "I know I can make that jump".
Codexes contain the secrets of the ages, within are truths of the world torn asunder. Except those by Mundapis, that guy is a hack.
If someone from Yhtill swears a solemn oath to you that the water is wet and the sand is dry, you better go outside and check.
The Grine are made of crystal, so you know, smash them.
Animated skeletons are part of the Necropolis's all-encompassing recycling program.
Reflect upon the last words of Ifram the Vigilant, "Did that shadow just move?"
The Potion of Vigor heals you, it tastes of cherries, Farisun's Blight will rot your organs from the inside out.

Also cherry flavored.

The Brazen Head is a real hard ass.
Things I have learned in the Necropolis: people explode more than would be thought, generally.
Abraxis has left this plane of existence. The Necropolis is collapsing without his influence. Last one out is a bloody pulp!
I have seen the great stone pillars of the world, upon which the Necropolis is built.

They don't look very sturdy.

The Library of Oonai claims to hold the Tome of the First Secret deep within its halls, but no one has ever seen it. It's THAT secret.
95 The Legendary Thirteen pooled their abilities to defeat the Hanged Lord of the East.

Yeah teamwork!

96 And so ended Nas-Galtur the Just.

Just didn't dodge quickly enough.

97 Agramon was the first to feel the Cataclysm as a wave of anguish and fear welled within.Or maybe that was the half-priced fish dumplings.
98 Upon discovering the treachery Ega San Dado said "Serl, don't sneak up behind me, and whats's with this pointy thing coming out of my chest? Oh."


An example of graffiti writing - note the messy print and unusual characters.

Number Writing
1 Recall Agramel the Tyrant who died during the retreat of Kam, from a broken heart. I mean, someone stabbed him, but his heart broke.

Brazen Head quotes:[]

Every once in a while and during the loading screen the Brazen head says something that might have to do with lore and history of Zothique or is just comedic relief.

1."The Mighty Abraxis, Lord of Mirrors, who sits forever on the Onyx Throne.

was a great patron of the arts."

2."Near here Abraxis listened to the petition of Alna of Iz. After he heard her sing, he agreed to ride against yet another Lich King."

3. "The first veil was lifted, and Abraxis faced the demon Ulixsteracktus. The third was rendered, and Abraxis defeated Belgorath the Cruel.

Then he went back and did the second veil. He forgot.

Could happen to anyone."

4."Last time an adventurer stepped through that door there was a bright flash of light and a smell of cooked meat... but i'm sure it's safe."

5."Zura the Mist's little tricks were clever, I will admit. Because of her misdirection her body was not discovered for days."

6."Codexes contain the secrets of the ages. Within a book are truths of the world torn asunder. Except those by Edmund of the Stairs, that guy is a freakin' hack."

7."Blind Bestul is nothing but my puppet. I released him to sit outside and lure others in. You must admit it is an effective tactic."

8." In an age before the Phalanx of Semeter burned the Cities of Thought,

And the Iron Lords ascended to the Throne of Ash,

Before the veil to the Second World was ripped asunder,

Other stuff happened, I guess."

9."Look away, this image is cursed! All who gaze upon it are doomed! Just kidding. About the image at least. You are doomed, though."

10. "Here was the duel between Artis of Midan and the arcanist known only as The Stranger.

Wish I could remember who won."

End Level Murals[]


Raw Image Translated Image
BruteMural.png BruteMuralTRANS.png
Arcanist1.png Abraxis1TRANS.png
Arcanist2.png Abraxis2TRANS.png
BlackguardLore.jpeg BlackguardLoreFenTRANS.png
WorldMap.png Mapfull.jpg
Arcanist3.jpg Abraxis3TRANS.png
BlackguardMage.jpeg EgoTRANS.png
Lvl8 01.png Lvl801Trans.png
Lvl8 02.png No words for translation
BuildingNecro.png BuildingNecroTrans.png


A lot of the Lore listed above is graffiti.