Necropolis (Location)

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A lone Blackguard looks off into the infinite, gaping interior of the Necropolis.

History[edit | edit source]

In a space where time was torn asunder, Archmage Abraxis created The Navel of the World and fixed it in the newly-created gap. Originally, The Navel of the World was a "glorious museum, an unparalleled center of learning, an impregnable fortress." The "penitent" masses swarmed to the Navel of the World, seeking some form of repentance from Abraxis himself. At an unspecified date, Archmage Abraxis was involved in an accident. The details remain unknown, but because of the severity of the accident, The Navel of the World was re-branded simply as the "Necropolis."

The Necropolis[edit | edit source]

Though the Necropolis would seem to be located in another plane of existence entirely, its placement in the lands of Zothique is very much a physically-existing place. On a map showing the various locales of Zothique, the Necropolis is named and given a location (or perhaps, more accurately, the entrance to the Necropolis is found at the location).

Presently, the Necropolis is overseen by a magical intelligence created by Abraxis, called the Brazen Head.

Environments[edit | edit source]

Where paths emerge in the magical labyrinth dungeon, The Necropolis is formed of several different biomes. Each has their own unique look, theme, and predominant monster types.