Necropolis Wiki

The two basic stats in Necropolis are HEALTH and STAMINA (also known as EXHAUSTION). Additionally each creature (and the adventurer) has elemental strengths and weaknesses, and resistance to knockdown and power (HEFT and POISE). Running speed and jumping ability are the two final quantities.

Most stats in Necropolis except the health and stamina of the adventurer are hidden .. more detail can be inferred from item descriptions, and through practical combat.

Additionally the player's character may be further refined through codexes and other traits acquired as a side effect of certain weapons or armor.

Health and Stamina[]

Health is indicated by the red bar in the HUD, and stamina by the green/teal bar below. When health reaches zero death occurs. Health is usually regained through certain potions and scrolls.

Stamina is required for all actions except walking and jogging - stamina depleting actions include running (R3 button), jumping, attacking, and blocking attacks with a shield - stamina rapidly regenerates to a maximum when not performing actions. Power attacks (hold attack button), as well as ranged attacks, and jump attacks deplete the maximum stamina level until a stamina restoring potion or food is consumed. Stamina can be depleted to a minimum of around one fifth maximum, after which power attacks can no longer be performed - this low stamina state is indicated by "HUNGER".

Donating coin to the healing pond at the end of each level can raise health, and to a lesser extent stamina. 'Power-ups' cost 500, 1500, 2500, and 3500 coin - the "Brute" gains more health than the "Blackguard" when fully levelled.

Healing over time (as well as other buffs) is usually indicated by a green outline around a character, for both the player, and foes.

Poise and Heft[]

Poise and Heft are invisible stats that control knockdown and stagger resistances. High Poise on a adventurer or creature results in a high resistance to knockdown and stagger. High Heft increases an attack's ability to knockdown or stagger. Generally knockdown accumulation is cumulative — a large number of light heft attacks should eventually knock an enemy down.

Larger creatures generally have higher poise. Additionally poise can be increased by certain armors, codexes, and certain traits of other equipment. Heft is generally higher for larger weapons, and can also likewise be increased by equipped skills and items, or potions.

Different attacks have different “heft”, with heavy and power attacks having higher chance to knockdown. The trait “immovable” prevents knockdown.

Combat stats[]

Damage increases with weapon quality, and is greatly increased by power attacks. Additionally damage is greatly increase when the weapon has a quality or element to which the foe is weak - such as piercing damage, or an acid effect - creatures can also be resistant to elements as well.

Damage is indicated by a red glow on the character - successful strikes give a greater red glow (such as well a creature is attacked unaware - eg when under the influence of the Scroll of Command.)

Elemental and weapon type weaknesses[]

General weapons are often described as "MUNDANE" - these have no specific disadvantages or advantages, and are general bladed weapons - other weapons with spikes or rapiers do piercing damage. whilst blunt weapons such as hammers do bashing damage.

Additionally there are several types of elemental damage - many of the resistances and weaknesses can be inferred from item descriptions which give clues to properties.

Creature type Weapon type or element







Arcane [1]






Acid [2]

Grine [3] Weak Weak Resistant
Skeletons [4] Resistant Weak Resistant ?
Gemeater Weak
Changeling / Fade [5] Weak Weak
Infected [6] Weak Resistant
Inugami [7] Resistant Weak
Shell Mage Resistant Weak Resistant
Hoardmen [8] Weak Resistant
Clockwork / Hollowmen
(Brass) [9]
Resistant Weak
Spiders [10] Weak Weak (?)
Shadowborn [11] Resistant Weak
Delvers [12] Resistant Weak
Nagual [13] Resistant Weak
  1. Low level arcane weapons appear to be electrically charged, with a lightning discarge on power attacks, whilst higher level weapons appear to have various types of magic.
  2. Acid and poison based weapons appear to be the same type, and are bright green.
  3. This applies to all Grine variants of Creatures.
  4. This might include Crypt Ticks, Bone Effigies and Skeleton Geameaters.
  5. Changelings are large, pale blue reptilian creatures that are often disguised as the small and white reptilian Fade - who belong to the same Faction.
  6. Creatures infected by the Molder, with coral-like fungi growing out of their body, usually found in the Swamps of Serranian - not to be confused with the Shadowborn which look similar but are much darker.
  7. Fanged dog-like creatures
  8. Screamers are weak to Fire and resistant to Arcane, but are still considered Hoardmen.
  9. Frozen Hollowmen found in the Black Forest are unsuprisingly weak to fire
  10. Eight-legged creatures with a pale blue abdomen resembling a water drop.
  11. Shadowborn are black, six-handed humanoid creatures with many bright green eyes.
  12. Creatures that burrow underground and roll.
  13. Flame Creatures surrounded on all four sides by Shields.