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Tokens, ( Icon Tokens.png ) or more formally "Tokens of Favor," are a special form of currency awarded to Adventurers who complete Tasks provided by the Brazen Head. For every one task completed, Adventurers are awarded one Token. Along with completing the Brazen Head's tasks, Adventurers are also rewarded Tokens at the end-game statistic screen, based on the total number of Gems that were collected during that session.

Tokens are used to open the Golden Chest for Equipment, to purchase cosmetic Dyes from The Old Man, or to unlock Codexes.

It is worth noting that the Golden Chest costs 1Icon Tokens.png, Dyes are bought for 2Icon Tokens.png apiece, and Codices can range from 3Icon Tokens.png at the cheapest to 17Icon Tokens.png at the most expensive.