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Traits are unique abilities bestowed upon Adventurers upon wielding equipment with special properties. Some traits deal a type of damage that will work better against certain enemies weak to that damage, while others better protect Adventurers from damage types or even bolster their vitals. Equipment that has a certain effect triggered only while being used (for example, Fire Damage) are identified as "Active Traits." Effects that persist even while the piece of equipment is not being used (but still held) are identified as "Passive Traits" (for example, Immovable).

Active Traits[]

Active Trait Name Effect
Fire Damage Affects target with Fire-type damage.
Arcane Damage Affects target with Arcane-type damage.
Grine Damage Affects target with Grine-type damage.
Ice Damage Affects target with Ice-type damage.
Acid Damage Affects target with Acid-type damage.
Pierce Damage Affects target with Pierce-type damage.
Bash Damage Affects target with Bash-type damage.
Narcolepsy Slow Slows target Speed by -15 for 3 seconds (ability of Nam-Lugal's Cure).
Dawn Blade Exhaust Increases user's Exhaustion Rate by +1 (ability of Dawn Blade).
Sickle Bleed Drains target Health Rate -1 for 5 seconds (ability of Blood Sickle).
Crafting Strike Has a chance to drop the components Torn Flesh, Ichor, or Scales (ability of Cleaver).
Raven Push Back Knocks targets over within a range of 2 meters for 6 seconds (ability of Raven's Wing).
Blood Sacrifice Self Decreases user's Health Rate by -2 (ability of Macuahuitl).
Blood Sacrifice Team Decreases allies' Health Rate by -1 (ability of Macuahuitl).
Life Drink Decreases user's Health Rate by -1 (ability of Life Drinker).
Mourningstar Heal Increases user's Health Rate by +1 (ability of Soul Morningstar).
Opulence Strike Drops Gems and a random Food consumable (ability of The Greatsword of Opulence).
Master Block Stamina cost of blocking halved (ability of Sentinel Ward).

Passive Traits[]

Passive Trait Name Effect
Fire Resist Reduced damage from Fire-type damage.
Arcane Resist Reduced damage from Arcane-type damage.
Grine Resist Reduced damage from Grine-type damage.
Ice Resist Reduced damage from Ice-type damage.
Acid Resist Reduced damage from Acid-type damage.
Pierce Resist Reduced damage from Pierce-type damage.
Bash Resist Reduced damage from Bash-type damage.
Speed Affects Speed stat +/- by listed numeric value.
Jump Modifier Affects Jump stat +/- by listed numeric value.
Heft Affects Heft stat +/- by listed numeric value. (Chance to knock enemies down.)
Poise (Needs confirmation - a stat dedicated to stagger / knock over?).
Stagger Resist Affects (Poise?) stat +/- by listed numeric value.
Immovable User can no longer be knocked down onto the ground.
Reduced Stamina Attack User loses less Stamina attacking.
Increased Stamina Attack User loses more Stamina attacking.
Attack Bonus Affects Attack stat +/- by listed numeric value.
Aggravating Enemies will prioritize the user.