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User-created map based off the given in-game map.

Necropolis takes place in a land called "Zothique." The world is comprised mainly of two continents, Midian and Kopesh, which are divided by the Sea of Glass. It should be noted that the above map could be considered significantly dated lore-wise; the Necropolis is listed under its original name, the Navel of the World, and several territories/lands mentioned in Dyes are not located.


One of the most prominent features of Zothique's landscape is the Sea of Glass. This massive ocean seperates the lands of Midian and Kopesh, and according to the dye of The Last Towns, is ridden with whirlpools. Many sources indicate that it is extremely difficult to cross the Sea of Glass.

The continent of Midian, where the entrance to the Necropolis is found, is described to be comprised of mostly desert. In the north-west area, there used to exist a hold called Darat, which possessed wells impressive enough to be written about. Though it was recorded to be completely obliterated, Adventurers can still fly their colors. The Desert of Ash dominates the center of the continent, but just south of it a massive river that empties into the Sea of Glace. Allegedly, some parts of Midian are home to raiders.

Of the given in-game dyes, the map confirms that Darat, Hold of Polybius, and Suwero are located in Midian.

Smaller in comparison to the landmass of Midian, Khopesh is a frigid and cold climate. Brutes are indigenous to Khopesh. Quick predators roam the northern portion of the land, where the Queen of Mountains (presumably an extremely large mountain) lies. The Underground Sea is found in the eastern region, and beyond this the land is uncharted. Abraxis was a born a Khopeshi, though it would seem he did not stay there long.

Of the given in-game dyes, the map confirms that Zul Bhasir, Thraa, and The Run are located in Khopesh.


The Navel of the World: The original and archaic name for The Necropolis. This is where the game takes place, at least where the entrance to the Necropolis is physically located.

Erewo: Erewo, the City of Caves, whose twisting passages are easily defended. Try not to step in all the guano.

Amendaso: In Amendaso, the Pirate City, a gem can be stolen fifty times in an hour and still end up in the original owner's hand.

Hold of Polybius: The Hold of Polybius lies on the edge of the Ash Desert, the last outpost before the Necropolis. The gift shop sells wonderful replicas.

Khosh: Khosh is the City in the Trees. "Vine-burn" is a serious problem there.

Darat: "May the Wells of Darat always flow. May the Walls of Darat always hold." - from the Annals of the Complete Obliteration of Darat.

Haleah: The people of Haleah insist that that strange smell comes not from them but from the nearby city of Das. Apologies.

Das: Das, the Garden City, where one's nose could dine on the scents of a thousand blooms, if only that stench from Haleah would ever clear.

Padun: The Southern Plains of Padun, where golden pollen from the grasses falls like a delicate snow to cover all. Hope you're not allergic.

The Last Towns: Beyond the Last Towns there is only the Sea of Glass and its treacherous whirlpools. Unless you believe that foolish "Round World" heresy.

Ichim: Ichim lies within the Forest of Needles, where the trees grow so closely together that they blot out the Sun. Dour lot, the people of Ichim.

The Run: The Run is a gentle slope of land near the base of the Queen of Mountains. The predators there are very fast, hence the name.

Suwero: If you have an interest in studying Giant Swarming Blood Flies, Suwero is the place to go.

Incot: The massive carvings in Incot all depict demons leaping at their prey. Getting a good night's sleep in Incot is not easy.

Marecco: The wealth in the mines of Marecco defies description... as does the violence the Princess of Marecco employs to protect that wealth.

Aphos: In Aphos, poisoning has been raised to a form of art. This piece is titled, "Scratching at Throat as Black Boils Cover the Neck".

Pell: Pell, a ruined temple at the center of Lake Unt, is a haunted place. Judging by the shrieking wraiths, something bad happened there once.

Forsten: Forsten is a frigid longhouse in Northern Midian. Even the icicles have icicles there.

Agat: In Agat the folk are gentle and peaceful, prizing music and healing arts above all else. How they have survived this long is anyone's guess.

Suluwer: In the deserts surrounding Suluwer the heat of midday can be deadly, as can the heat of midnight. It is very hot.

Zul Bhasir: In the Keep of Zul Bhasir initiates study the Way of Endless Pain. Zul Bhasir's recruitment efforts often fail to meet targets.

Tenk: Those from Tenk value clear rational thought over impassioned impulses. Hence the phrase, "As annoying as a Tenker."

Sulat Agar: No one knows where Sulat Agar lies, not even adventurers from Sulat Agar. Which is pretty odd if you think about it.

Thraa: Little and less is known about the island nation of Thraa. One fun fact we do know: no ship that has sailed there has ever returned.